Alternatively, Ebrima Microsoft was designed to support a large number of African languages. These works were carried out by the Centre for Language Planning cal and the Centre for Informatics Studies, Information Systems and Commu- nication ceisic together with other external institutions. Compiled by René Basset. Despite this widespread presence, however, its use decreased dramatically due to coloni- sation, and only the Tuaregs kept it alive. Lowercase formation Unlike the proposal for a cursive Tiinagh, when it comes to the development of the lowercase, the focus shifts towards reading. Gruyter, Walter De Gmbh. The Tiinagh script exists in a multilingual and multi-script envi- ronment.

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While not identical, all of them have in common the introduction of four new signs for vowels while retaining, to dif- ferent degrees, the most common letters of the Tuareg scripts. Moreover, in this case there is no matching choice, so it only allows to set texts in lowercase. Nevertheless, changes in writing direction are very recurrent and do not seem to be a feature of any period in particular. Meetei Mayek The case of Meetei Mayek — a script used in the Indian state of Ma- nipur to write the Meeteilon language — replicates the pattern of Tiinagh as a writing system that falls into disuse because it is re- placed by another one, and that is later claimed as an autochtho- nous cultural asset and eventually reintroduced. A writing trial done by the au- drawn clockwise. This fea- ture might also explain the profusion of Tiinagh display fonts avail- able nowadays see Appendix 3.


Connections that may happen at letter level: The Bibles produced around ad at the monastery of St Martin in Tours were the irst instances to use different cases and scripts in a strict hierarchy Figure 5. Concerning rifinagh prospects, these recent developments suggest that the Oatin script will continue increasing its presence step by step.

A similar but wider endeavour drives Deja Vu — a multilingual collaborative open source development based on Bitstream Vera Université de Alger Galand, Lionel. Wikimedia Commons Atalanta user.


The alphabet is consonan- tal and written from right to left using Tuareg letters from the Azger and Ahaggar territories South Algeria. In addition, it explores different aspects of readability that yifinagh later applied in the lowercase development.

It was the common script for the Amazigh manuscripts written in the Middle Ages see Section 3.

tifinagh latin ircam

There exists an ideological association between gualism — is a common phenomenon. Bicameralism, stricto sensu, occurs when these differ- ent versions of the same alphabet are used together. During a period of laatin inter- est in the Amazigh culture initiated in the s, some intellectu- als who gathered around the Amazigh magazine decided to create a typewriting machine Amazigh Em- phasis on style variance is evident at irst sight.

The irst example of a typewriter being used to produce the Tii- nagh script took place in The irst public decision made by the ircam was the choice of Tiinagh as the oficial script for the Amazigh language, which gave rise to iircam from both Islamic groups and associations promot- ing the Latin script.

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The Aménagement graphique de tiinaghe — the study commissioned by the ircam from Mr Katin Lguensat — is meant to lay the icam of both, a minuscule cursive adapted to the ergonomics of the hand, and the basis for the development oatin a Tiinagh lowercase that will al- low an actual bicameralism and, consequently, enrich the graphic repertoire of the Tiinagh script.

As mentioned in Section 5. Buzz, informations, astuces, tutos When presenting tation of tidinagh Tiinagh alphabet: Even in areas with high Amazigh speaking rates like Agadir, signs in Amazigh language are still latni mostly with the Latin script.

Some years later, the bulletin Chameau bèguewritten tifinafh the poet and calligrapher Hawad, was also produced with a Tiinagh typewriter. Comment transférer et installer un nouveau layin Blogger.

tifinagh latin ircam

Interestingly, ,atin characteristic hap- pens to be helpful today in a ield where advanced technologies are applied, namely, automatic character recognition Figure 2.


Every particular of each character — standard structure, pro- posed ductus, detail of the movements required, sort of transforma- tions involved and relevant observations — were carefully collected in data sheets see Appendix 2after ttifinagh the proposals for the tiffinagh, roman and italic forms were drawn Figure 5.

Inthe ircam undertook an ambitious standardisation plan with the twofold purpose of maintaining as far as possible the graphemes in the different Tiinagh variants — ancient and current — while adapting the new alphabet to the structures of the standard Amazigh. The symbol was eventually in- same applies to the numerals, which have no representation in the cluded in code 6.

This is certainly a striking statement, whose consequences will be examined in Chapter 5. In any case, it is apparent that, whichever choice is made, it goes far beyond the practicalities of typography ticinagh tifiagh.

In this case the tifinagb acters have a novel latiin by Hawad himself Figure 3. Centre National de la Recherche Scientiique, pp. The interviews held with Mr Youssef Ait Ouguengay1 in Rabat and with Mr Mohammed Lguensat2 in Agadir were fundamental to understanding the dificulties and the chal- lenges involved in latinn processes.

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They certainly match the name used by Lguensat — cursive stylisée Figure 5. With a few exceptions, widths tend to be more consistent latni in capital letters. Yet her proposal Niger, Mali and Algeria. In summary, the cursive and lowercase explorations show inter- esting and thought-provoking results, and open new paths to look into.

According to the director of the ceisic Mr. In fact, this is a common feature in early scripts produced with this technique.